Welcome! JohnMayerGear.com was started to be an online fan-site and resource for those looking to learn more about what helps craft John Mayer’s electric guitar tone. I say “help” craft because the first thing anyone needs to know is that just having the right pedals, guitars, amps, etc, won’t make you sound like John Mayer. Do two singers sound alike simply because they use the same microphone? Of course not. And the same is true for guitarists. However, it is true that having the right gear goes a long way. The playing style and technique is up to you.

There is a lot of information regarding John Mayer’s gear all over the internet. And regardless of that, there are still newcomers starting forum posts with titles like “What kind of pedal to get John Mayer’s overdrive sound?” Typically this gets an eye-roll from other forum members, as the question has usually been answered numerous times, in numerous places. Well, this site can now be the single source for all of the Mayer-tone questions that are out there.

The site mainly focuses on John’s electric guitar tone – which of course is always changing. So on this site you’ll find gear he currently uses, as well as some gear he has used in the past. This is also beneficial because as John’s career has progressed, so has the expense of his gear, and so looking back can be a good way to find more affordable gear that will also get you in the John Mayer tone ballpark.

It also isn’t meant to be a complete list of any and all gear that Mayer has ever used. Instead, it is meant to be a quick guide to the most popular gear that shapes his tone, and where you can pick up the same gear.

There are many sources of information that have contributed to this site. If you have something you’d like to add, or if you see an error, please contact us here.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck in your tone quest! If you’re ready to get started, head over to the Guitars page…