Mayer 2010 Rig Rundown:

“Bigger Than My Body” – The arpeggio sound in this demo showcases John’s earliest use of the Adrenalinn pedal:

“I Don’t Trust Myself With Loving You” – Both of the wah/voice sounds in this song, the rhythm and lead parts, come from version 2 of the Adrenalinn pedal. According to the manufacturer, they are different presets, despite sounding similar:

“Heartbreak Warfare” – The “warbly echo” sound that is the signature piece of this song comes from the most current version 3 of the Adrenalinn pedal. Looking at live performances however, you can tell that some of the effect comes from Mayer using his whammy bar like in this demo:

“In Repair” – This video showcases the making of the song, and you can hear Mayer talk about using the POG to create the organ sound for the intro:

Ceriatone OTS Demo – Once again, a great demo of the Ceriaton Overtone Special amp, which is basically a Dumble clone:

The brand new Ceriatone SSS (Steel String Singer) has yet to be announced, but sound clips are popping up: